Direct Rates – Qualified Non-Profit Enterprises

To qualify for Non-Profit rental rates, your event must meet ALL the following criteria:

1) The organization producing the event (the financially responsible party) must be a currently registered, verifiable, 501(c)(3) enterprise.
2) The event must be free to the public and no donations to your group may be solicited
– OR –
3) All proceeds from ticket sales, solicitations, donations, merchandise sales, etc. must be directed entirely to the benefit of the Berkeley Unified School District or Berkeley High School programs (i.e. all monies collected in conjunction with the event must go to fund BUSD or BHS programs ONLY).

If you plan to collect ticket fees, etc. from your event to benefit your organization, your event is a “For-profit enterprise” and will not qualify for the Non-profit rental rates, regardless of your organization’s status as a 501(c)(3). You will be charged “fair market value” for the event, as published in the “Market Rates” sheet.

Theater rental – Direct Rates ’16-’17